#Charlottesville,#AnthemProtest:The Legacies of The Civil War on Race and Technology

#Charlottesville, #AnthemProtest: The Legacies of The Civil War on Race and Race Relations continues to be at the forefront of the national discontent and the national call to confront and dialogue our contentious Past.   We saw that this week at The Grammy Awards and with President Trump’s The State of The Union Star Spangled Banner patriotism references.

Please join me in San Francisco during February  for a dynamic Multi Media Performance Lecture that looks at the topics behind the national debate. These lectures are sponsored by The San Francisco Public Library’s “More Than A Month” city wide Black History Month events.

#Charlottesville, #Anthem Protest:The Legacies of The Civil War on Race and Technology

  • February 7th, 7pm  San Francisco Public Library, Merced Branch,155 Winston, SF 94132
  • February 24th, San Francisco Public Library, Sunset Branch   1305  18th Avenue, SF 94122